Our New Website is Live!

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to connect with your FPA GHV chapter. Keep reading for an overview of our new website.

Events are front and center

You will notice on the home page of our website, our next event is front and center with a "Register Now" button. No more fumbling around for registration or looking for emails.

We now have a blog

As you can see, we will use the blog to post announcements regarding our FPA chapter. Feel free to leave a comment.

Members section

To take advantage of some of our sites new features, you need to create a new username/password specific for our chapter - it has no relation to your national login. We will then verify your membership status and grant you access. You can then access forums, leave comments, and view other members in the membership section.


Communicate with fellow Greater Hudson Valley chapter members ONLY about any related topic you wish.

Thank you to our members for being the most valuable part of our chapter.

-David Lasco, CFP, CRPC

Director of NexGen

(also, website creator)


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